Loma – A Family Holiday

Loma (2013) trailer (Loma – A Family Holiday) from Katri Vanhatalo on Vimeo.

The Harjunens, a Finnish family, come to a remote cottage in Scotland for their summer holiday. Little do they know that the cottage has been double booked and they are stuck with a British family, the Toulsons, for the weekend. The Harjunen-adults’ difficult marriage cannot be helped, as the pressure of keeping up appearances starts to get to the mother, Martta. Luckily their son, Jaakko, finds a friend in the Toulson’s daughter and they proceed to have a holiday despite the adults having problems adjusting.

This is the film’s official production website. Meet the creative power and crew behind this project, marvel at the beautiful cast, read about the production stages, and – if you like what you see and want to be a part of the production – donate.

Any questions, queries, suggestions, or just for the banter – email loma.the.film@gmail.com


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